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Butoh Notation (Butoh Fu) Intensive Workshop by YUKIO WAGURI

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Host by Soubi Sha

Date       : 27 August 2012
Time       : 7.30pm-10.30pm
Venue    : The Actors Studio @ KuASH Theatre
Fees        : RM100 per pax
**Limited to 30 participants only


About the Workshop

This workshop will begin with a simple explanation of the movement and methodology of Butoh and Butoh notation.

We will explore the importance of walking in butoh through a number of exercises, such as Maya, the stick, pollen, the glance, and the burn (or scald). From here we will seek various means of transformation into the doll, the beast, the smoke, and the flower. We will pose questions about the nature of the physical body as a medium, about whether the body can be passed through, about what craziness is. We will seek ways to dance within the brain or the nerves only, to walk only from the brain or nerves, to become electricity, to experience the crisis of the body and of the mind, and to enter the world of Francis Bacon. Reviewing this range of explorations and experiences, the workshop will build towards the composition of a short work.

About Yukio Waguri

Yukio Waguri (born Tokyo, 1952) was the disciple and main male dancer of Hijikata Tatsumi. He performed in a number of Hijikata’s works such as 27 Nights for Four Seasons (1972) and A Silent House (1973), as well as many Hakutobo performances (1974-78), and has performed worldwide since 1990. His dance is characterized by many nuances of style – from the rigid to the flexible, the sharp to the delicate, the beautiful to the grotesque. It often explores a transformation through different subjects and suggests new possible ways of working in dance. Waguri works with the unique lineage of Hijikata’s butoh-fu to draw out physical images through a particular attention to language. His release of the Butoh Kaden CD in 1998 provided an opportunity for the re-evaluation of the Hijikata method. As well as various performance activities, including collaborations with artists from diverse genres, Waguri holds workshops widely in association with research organizations and universities, both locally and overseas.

For registration please contact Yeow Lai Chee at 010 4289 528 or

Workshop location: The Actors Studio @ KuAH Theatre
Pusat Kanak-Kanak Tunku Bainun, 48, Jalan Mohd Fuad,
Jalan Taman Tun, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.

This program was supported by Japan foundation

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