Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Butoh Workshop by Taketeru Kudo @ 15-16 Oct 2016

About Taketeru Kudo’s Butoh Workshop

The body of a Butoh dancer is like an empty vessel, it should be able to contain any material on earth that emerges through the imagery of the movements made. In everyday life, a person's body has already consisted of some information, it takes a specific process to remove the extra information from the body. The dancers will not be able to take any steps without the task of removal.

1. Stretching – to bring the body to the point of zero.
2. Exercises – to get the right control of the weight, axis, balance, and breath.
3. Walking – thousands of ways to walk with the right postures.
4. Practices:
> The evolution – the human body is said to trace every steps of evolution in the womb of the mother. The memory resides deep inside the body.
> What is heavy and what is light – Now it is ready to conceive any quality of the materials into the body.

About Kudo Taketeru

Born in 1967 in Tokyo. A graduate of the department of French literature at Keio University. Initially he focused his activities on stage acting, but changed his path after his first encounter with Butoh dance. He traveled to the United States and studied under Koichi Tamano. After appearing in works by Yukio Waguri, he began solo performance in 1992. From 1995 – 1998 he was a member of Sankai Juku. He played a significant role in the opening and development of studio Asbestos-kan, contributing with dance as well as choreography. Currently he performs and holds workshops worldwide. In 2005 he received an award from Dance Critic Association Award for his solo work “Akimegusa”. He also won a Golden Mask award in Russia for playing the main role of “Full Moon” in 2011 – 2013.

Workshop Details

Date : 15–16 October 2016 (2 days)

Time & Venue :
15 Oct _ 2pm – 9.30pm (Studio 5 @ KLPac)
16 Oct _ 10am – 5.30pm (Indicine & Studio 5 @ KLPac)

Payment : RM350

Online Register : www.checkmate-creative.com/soubisha

Enquiries : 017-382 8637 / 012-241 2532

**Limited to 23 participants only.

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